Questions To Ask Yourself

Every day, you experience a little miracle called awakening. Sleep is the unknown into which you retreat each night losing all connection with so-called “reality". You are magically restored to awareness either by an external stimulus or by some internal stirring, which calls you back into your body and back into your “self.” For most, the process of awakening to the day is a series of steps that prepare for re-entry into the momentum of your life.

Human beings are the only species who, after falling into a rut, will furnish it.
— Unknown

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The initial return to consciousness is followed by a series of routines, including getting out of bed, personal hygiene, getting dressed, eating, attending to or responding to others, and whatever else you do to ready yourself for another day. Your morning routine flows into your day as your attention turns to your family needs and work duties, your to-do list and daily activities, which dictate your days and carry you through your life. In other words, you reappear from the inexplicable realm of sleep only to disappear into a second slumber in the routines and patterns of daily life.

You may have ups and downs and passions and pains and it may seem you are in charge of things. But you are essentially carried on the current of your life making choices that fit your patterns and your habits and the demands of the world you inhabit.  Just as you move in your dreams asleep at night, you are, essentially, sleepwalking through your life. If you are like me, you need a prompt to surface from the current of your life, to find your own ground, and to stand present in your own life.

This is why I designed the series of questions that I call: Questions To Ask Yourself Before You disappear Into The Day. The purpose is to insert a space between the slumber of night and the slumber of day where you can truly connect with your self, remember who you are, and regain vitality in your life. 

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