Speak of Love

Speak of love and you speak of the quivering a leaf in the seconds before it drops from the tree, you speak of the first stirrings of life before the bud even forms, you speak of hearts swooning under the moon and you speak of a child’s eyes seeing the wonder of the world for the first time. This child’s view is one of the greatest secrets to love because the child is seeing a thing as absolutely unique.

To me, the most profound pattern in the universe is this love of uniqueness and how creation constantly manifests unique forms in every thing. When I was young, I articulated a set of 5 core beliefs and the central of these five is that the universe loves uniqueness and, therefore, loves you. This absolute, total, complete and unique love flows to you each and every second.

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Few have the capacity to feel this love directly except when it is channeled through another person or another being. So we get caught in a cycle of seeking it through other’s and never feel the overwhelming purity and power of the love that is forever showering over us.