The Great Secret Of Life

The great secret of life reveals itself in what you do to know the world and find your place in it. The beauty of a garden is not just in the colors and combinations of flowers and plants, but in the effort the gardener puts into it. The grace of an Olympic performer is not just in the competition but in the innumerable hours of sweat and labor devoted to perfecting the craft. It is the unseen effort, the practice behind the scenes, and often the moments no one sees, that turn a life into a work of art. Everything you put out into the world starts from within you. When what is within you is a labor of love, the life you live will rival the greatest gardens and match the most magnificent Olympic performance.

What is your labor of love? What skills, what habits of being, what aspects of thought and emotion, have you been perfecting in your life?

© Nick LeForce
All Rights Reserved.

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