Being Touched

Almost everyone has been reduced to tears by a scene in a movie, by a gesture from a loved one, by a comment from a friend, by the unconditional love of a pet, by a courageous act despite the odds, and the list goes on. There is perhaps nothing more beautiful in life than when someone or something touches you, not physically, but at your core; touches the essence of you.

What touches you in life?

When was the last time your heart broke open
because you were touched
by someone or something?

Almost everything we do is an effort to protect the soul from being touched. We forget the soul’s delight in life, having suffered at its hands, because the soul becomes the world, wants it all, bars nothing, and feels everything. We forget the soul's capacity for love, its full embrace of life, its resilience in the face of endless sorrow and boundless joy.

Our little minds cannot bear the infinite. We close up shop, bar the windows and doors, lock ourselves in the safe room, huddled up with our fingers crossed praying that the storm will pass. And so often, it does. It passes us by.  We are spared the worst of it, while we wait it out, separated from our own soul, which is out there weathering it all. And then, one day, we face the grave truth and we read the carving on the stone: “it was a life almost lived.”

Don't let it happen to you. Let your soul become the world: become the suffering of a would-be mother after a miscarriage and the joy of first time lover’s folding hands into each other; become the polluted water from toxic waste and the withering leaves that fall from the dying tree, become the morning dew on meadow wildflowers and the call of a hunting hawk. The soul feels it all, touched to the core, alive and thriving. All we have to do is learn to trust our own capacity to let all feeling flow through us.  When we do, we come alive because we hunger for this intimacy with life. And the soul delivers!

© Nick LeForce
All Rights Reserved

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