Not An Easy Truth

Live life as it should be lived
in a world that wants
to possess you: 

Otherwise, you have
to fight tooth and nail
to get a tiny plot of land
where they will
bury you anyway. 

This is an not easy truth
and candy coating
won’t help the medicine
go down. 

Or you can simply
go to the movies
and pin your hopes
on superheroes, 
counting on their virtue, 
because we all know
what happens
when power
is concentrated
in one person. 

I’m glad it’s not me. 

I’d rather keep
half a heart to myself
than lose the whole thing
and join the zombie apocalypse. 

But I’ll tell you a secret: 
at night, when no one is looking, 
I put the whole thing on paper. 

And, if I am lucky, 
it becomes a poem.

DSC05118 copy.jpg

If you are not attentive, the world will take you, hijacking your spirit for its own ends. The hidden message in the popular dream of the world that we can "have it all" (that we can be rich or famous or above the rest) is that we must give our all to the dream. But if that dream is not truly yours, then you lose yourself in the bargain. What do you do to make sure you hold on to yourself in a world that wants to take you over?

For me, one way is through writing, especially poetry!

© Nick LeForce
All Rights Reserved

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