You Are Here

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This sign at the entryway to the Kalamazoo Nature Center is the closest thing I had to a picture of a map with a pointing arrow that reads “you are here.” But actually I think this fits the bill even better!

One of the greatest balancing acts in our modern world, is to find the sweet spot between the rush to the future and enjoyment the present. Fall is a great reminder to do so. As the weather cools, the days shorten, and winter starts to bare its teeth, we need to ready ourselves for the storms while enjoying the last of the harvest season.

You Are Here was previously published in my 7th book of poetry, Bearing Witness, available at amazon or for digital format, click here: Bearing Witness.

We are always at that point
on the map of our lives
that says, “You Are Here.”
And we always start
from here and now.

No matter how rugged
or smooth the terrain,
how twisted or straight the path,
how difficult or easy the steps,
we are always right we are,
always at the tip of the arrow. 

We live like royalty
while we clothe
our hearts and minds in rags.

Toss them aside.

Don a dream coat,
stitched from the colors
of your life —

the sunshine yellows of happy days
and deep blues of sad ones,
the garden greens of growth
and the burnt browns of loss,
the metallic grey of loneliness
and the bright red blossoms of love —  

and wear the wonder of this life,
taking the next step knowing
you will land again in another now,
complete in itself, with more than enough
for all your desire.

What are you doing to harvest your time and your life?
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