No Excuse For Light

There is no excuse for light. 
Quick to give and unapologetic, 
few realize how easily it is bent. 

Cat eyes perceive the truth
we have forgotten because
we no longer go slow enough
to fall in love with faulty things. 

We complain to the clouds
for hiding the sun until
they pour the colors of sunset
over our mesmerized hearts. 

Then we sleep again, 
rising to the world without
the courtesy of a bow. 

How can we learn to see
when the slit in our feral eye
is too narrow to let in the light?

But when we are quick to give
and still go slow enough
to bend to our faults, love comes
out of the shadows, unapologetic.

And one day, it cracks us open; 
strips away our excuses, and exposes
our mesmerized hearts to the world.  

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feral: in a wild state, especially after escape from captivity or domestication: e.g.: a feral cat. One of the greatest difficulties of the modern world is to escape our hurried lives and slow down long enough to expose our mesmerized hearts to life. If we do, we may have a chance to remember why we live and what is precious in life. 

When do you slow down long enough to feel the pulse of your life? What's left of the wild in you?

© Nick LeForce
All Rights Reserved

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