In My Case

I cannot count the loose ends
and frayed edges from everyday life:
the distracted moments, the unfinished acts,
the dangling thoughts and random feelings;
that get left behind in the march of time.

I keep my mishmash mind packed in a box, 
latched tight and painted to look
like a sealed cube, the cover carefully
hidden to prevent accidental intrusion.

I act as if my days are seamless,
a fluid thing rightly flowing,
one into another, as if I meant it that way
and it was my plan all along.

I fool myself, believing in “eventually,”
in the “one day” when
it will all come together,
when I can perform a magic trick,
laying a shroud over my case,
chanting the magic words,
and “Wala!” I pull off the sheet
to reveal beauty, fully formed,
stepping out of the tiny box
to the astonishment of all!

A strange thing happens when we "drop the effort to patch up our torn and tattered lives" and settle into the life we actually live; we then have a chance to perform an amazing magic act as we begin finding beauty in our everyday life.

© Nick LeForce
All Rights Reserved

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