When the heart
sings, once again,
it's first song, 
we can then
pull up our roots. 

When we strip
the mask from our
forgotten face,
we can then charm
the mysterious
we thought
we knew
as ourselves. 

When we turn
the mirror
inside out,
we can then
lift the lid
on our calling
and bank on that
fearless desire and
foolish longing
for love
to open our eyes
to the beauty
of this world 

When the spirit
finally wakes
from it's
sweetened slumber, 
we can, at last, 
take the next step
in our evolution
and walk
on the earth.

One of my favorite books is "Strangers To Ourselves," by Timothy Wilson, which reviews research that reveals the astonishing degree of unconscious processing that actually runs our lives and determines who we are and how we behave. A major thrust of my life has been based on the Greek Dictum, "know Thyself." In many ways,  I have totally failed in this endeavor, but it has not been without its rewards. For me, the most important gift form this effort is to let what is within me find expression through poetry and writing. 

How do you unmask yourself? How do you turn the mirror inside out?

Walking upright means, to me, that we live our lives with dignity, that we recognize we belong to the earth and to each other and live in respect of those simple truths.

Writing prompt: What does it mean to live upright? Or use this stem sentenc: I I strive to live upright by…

Having a Vision, a Mission or a sense of purpose not only gives meaning to life, it inspires the motivation to achieve dreams and provides the support and encouragement to keep on in the face of defeat or loss.

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