Need is the perfect blossom  
in the dreaming mind  
of the unsprouted seed;  

the imagined star held
in the outstretched hand  
that has yet
to touch the sky.  

When we shed
our need,  
the shell
we have used  
to keep ourselves
the way we are
cracks open, 
the husk
that held  
the nascent seed
falls away.  

Only then
do we begin  
to send
our taproot into life.  

Only then
do we begin  
to bud
the perfect blossom. 

"Need" was inspired by and written during Reverend James Trapp’s sermon given on April 2, 2017 at Spiritual Life Center in Sacramento. The sermon included stories about people who tried to control their lives based on what they thought they needed and only got the break they desired when they let go of the need to get it.

Have you ever gotten what you wanted when you let go of the need to get it?

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