Edge of Freedom

I teeter on the edge of freedom
checking my wings, wondering
what discipline I must follow
to open my calendar to the world.

I hesitate, unsure what
will fill the empty space
if I abandon the scheduled mind
and let go of worry .

There is grace in faith,
but I rarely grant myself
the generosity of belief
in a greater good coming
from beyond the limits
of my imagination
or the depth of my desire;

one that widens the heart
and opens a canopy
of possibilities,

bright and beautiful
and beckoning to me
to take the last step
over the cliff edge

with wings spread
wide enough
to catch the wind.

© Nick LeForce
All Rights Reserve

soaring seagull copy.jpg

Note: The text has been edited slightly since recording. What you hear is the original version and the text is newer.

My life is relatively simple.  I really have an open door to do as I wish within my means. In this sense, I teeter on the edge of freedom. Yet, I still struggle to follow my dream. I hesitate, check my wings, look with concern at the open spaces on my calendar while seeking faith in a greater good and the wind to carry me when I take the leap.

Most of us have more freedom than we realize, our constraints coming more from our own limits than those imposed on us by the world. The Roman philosopher, Seneca, said: Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.  Freedom is what happens when you ride the wave at the intersection of wing and wind.  

What prevents you from living your life more freely?

Are you ready to spread your wings to the wind?

Please share your thoughts and comments below.