For This Embrace

Be an agent of spirit,
a walking promise,
sending forth your love
like a red carpet rolled out
for a royal welcome.

Delight in whomever
accepts the invitation,
knowing we each
have come a long way
for this embrace.

Let our eyes speak
what words cannot convey,
as if the heart itself
peers at each other
through the soul’s window
with amazing grace.

Are we not each
the prodigal child
come home at last?
the siblings
separated at birth
and now reunited?
the forever lovers
wrenched apart
by tide and time
and given this
one last chance
to hold each other

I recorded this at my home with the window open.
Listen at the end of the recording to hear
a crow cawing in the background.

© Nick LeForce
All Rights Reserved

According to The Heartmath Institute, the heart puts out signals both to one's own brain and body, but also out to the world through electrical and electromagnetic waves. I often ponder what message my heart may be sending out to the world, whether it is a message of welcome or unwelcome, whether I am saying "yes" or "no" to life. My poem, For This Embrace, asks: How willing or ready are you for this embrace?

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