Sometimes, all our struggles against the world
succeed only to stamp the heart in stone.

We turn our attention to the rough edges of life
and trap our love inside in the cold places
where the sun cannot reach

and we feel abandoned, like a lost child
in a large and frightening world...

…without knowing, there, in that dark place,
a deep quiet goes undisturbed,
and a new beginning has already formed,

rising up from the mineral truth of our being
and grounded in the soil on which we stand
until, one day, the very rock that once trapped us
becomes the bedrock of a new life…

New age optimist may paint the world with pangloss, but dark nights of the soul are a part of every human journey. They are often the breeding ground for new life and the soil from which the future sprouts. If we can stand on hard times, we may find that they become the bedrock for a grander, greater version of ourselves.

What is rising up from the truth of your being? How might you transform "hard" experiences into the bedrock for new life?

© Nick LeForce
All Rights reserved