Today Is The Day

Today is the day
I was awakened by Rumi :
His voice had become birds
and the next gathering force
of wave hitting rock.  

I heard him say:

Today is the day you feast
from the kitchen where God
prepares all nourishment.

Today is the day you die
as the one without wings
and begin to see
with unbiased eyes.

Today is the day you give up
the witness protection program
and walk back into your life,

© Nick LeForce
All Rights Reserved

I, like millions of others, enjoy the poetry of Rumi.  His work often yields an "aha" or the sigh of recognition and I feel a kind of awakening in the moment.  What "awakens" you? What quote or poem do you return to, or find solace in, or feel serves you in some way in life?

Please post your thoughts and comments below