Forgotten Arms

So much in our lives goes unnoticed and many precious moments that pass by in the rush of life may be held somewhere inside in forgotten arms. This poem served as my intent to speak to the heart to a group of poets at the Monday Sacramento Poetry Center where I added my name to the list for the open mic....

Forgotten Arms

Slow to steady,
easy on the way,
I say to myself,
“I am at one
with the moment.”

I yield to the train
rushing by on the track
happy I do not
need to board.

Patience is my companion
in the dimming twilight,
graced by a crescent moon
that cradles something precious
and hints at what might be held
in forgotten arms.

I welcome the night
with a sigh and a promise
to find my roots here.

I step out of my outback
and walk in to the small room
where ears open
and hearts speak.

Carefully, I lay out my curios
on a blanket for all to see,
hoping for a bid,
adding my name
to the list,
eager to be among
the chosen ones,
to be standing at the front,
looking out at curious eyes
and open ears,
my mouth a crescent moon,
my heart speaking words
meant for forgotten arms
that cradle something precious…

This is another poem that started as a daily intent. Most every morning, I write my intention for the day, usually by imagining how I might like to end the day. I composed this piece on a Monday morning anticipating attendance at the Sacramento Poetry Center's (SPC) weekly evening event.  An open mic is offered to those who put their name on a list. The SPC facility is located near the light rail track. 

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Photo, Poem and Recital © Nick LeForce
All Rights Reserved

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