Ask Nelson Mandela

Any man or institution that tries to rob me of my dignity will lose.
— Nelson Mandela

Ask Nelson Mandela

Ask Nelson Mandela
He will tell you.

Don’t be fooled
by the lure of deliverance.
It is overrated
and often disguised.

It is a label
with a time limit
intended to
draw you out
into the open
where you are
an easy target.

Always read
the fine print
before you sign
away your life.

Freedom cannot
be granted or given.
It can only be won
on the battleground
and only found
in the heart and mind
of one who lives with dignity.

Then, no prison
can hold you.

Ask Nelson Mandela.
He will tell you.

This doorway is more a palace than a prison. I had no pictures of prison bars, a testament to the easy life I have lived compared to Mandela, who spent almost 3 decades in prison. To me, the image conveys the sense of life beyond walls and suggests a freedom we all dream to have.  But freedom, even in so-called "free societies," is still a dream to most. Mandela's quote about dignity reveals his uncompromising integrity and may indicate the true nature of freedom.

Photo, Poem, and Recital © Nick LeForce
All Rights Reserved

Are you free?
What does freedom mean to you?

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