A Breath Away

What we see, hear, and feel in the world around us
is just a step away, just a breath away,
from immersion in amazement.

All we need to do is open our hearts and minds
to the astonishing fact that Nature
continually gives every turn
in the cycles of endless repetition
its unique distinction. 

Astonishment is the root of all philosophy.
— Paul Tillich

Another day becomes a new day
as each moment unfolds in unique combinations
of the same elements.

Poem and Recital © 2016 Nick LeForce
All rights reserved

And this, I believe, is our challenge
that we continually re-form ourselves
combining the common elements of our lives
into uncommon patterns, 
adding nuance to normalcy,
and turning the ordinary
into the extraordinary.

Master this skill and each day
truly is a new day as you become
the artist of your life!