Ride Into The Day

I often enjoy an early morning walk to start the day and especially so when I am in a place near the beauty of nature. This provides me mindful moments, an opportunity to connect with myself, and restore my balance with the world before the demands and desires of the day steal my attention. This is also a good time for me to dictate my intent for the day, which, like today, while on the south bay bike path near the Doubletree Hotel in Burlingame, often becomes a poem that I can ride into the day:

P1130113 copy.jpg

Ride Into The Day

I was on foot
as the first lighted rays
crested the hidden horizon
softening the sky
and while the chill
still held an edge
on the dawn.

I collared myself
against the breeze
comforted by the quiet
of a world yet to awaken
and while there was
still enough darkness
to hide my list of to-do's.

These are the moments
I befriend myself,
partnering with my breath
as hoof and heart
converge in harmony
and I glide along
on this pelvic saddle,
riding into the day
with graceful ease. 

Picture, Poem, and Recital © 2016 Nick LeForce