On Meditation

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Meditation is a profound act of loving yourself. You are simply being there for yourself; asking nothing of yourself. Hold the space as if it is one of those moments when you are with your beloved, his or her head in your lap, gazing at this wild angel that tamed you, and nothing else matters but the moment. Now imagine you are holding the space for the whole community: the rugrats, the shadow dancers, the drivers, the players, the pokers; and you are the only place they can come to and be loved. You love them simply through your Presence. They will put up a ruckus of disbelief at first. Then they will flock to the Presence. And one day, you too will come to the Presence and submit yourself as a disciple. The Presence will say, “No need for that. Come. Put your head on my lap. You were the one who tamed me.”

Do you meditate? If so, how would it affect your practice if you thought of meditation as a simple act of loving yourself? In the process, you bring a non-judgmental witness to whatever is happening inside of you. One of the greatest acts of love is acceptance. In this sense, meditation is loving yourself by simply being present with yourself.

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