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The top regret of the dying, according to palliative care nurse Bronnie Ware is: I wish I had lived a life true to myself and not according to the expectations of others. But knowing who we are and what we are about takes some real detective work. That work is how we create our nobility.

How are you making your story noble? How do you bring yourself to life?

“America’s Got Talent” gives spoonfuls of inspiration. If only our lives could be such a story, told in snippets from suffering to glory, on the razors edge of the wildest dreams: the rags to riches we’ve come to believe is our birthright. And to do so on the sole basis of one’s talent, that’s the dream of dreams. But it is only one of 1,000 noble stories, some lived so quietly they become the heartbeat of the universe, like what it takes to love a child. How do I, fatherless, know this? Because I’ve had spoonfuls of inspiration in just a few moments with children.

So, why not be a teacher? That’s another noble story. I’m not talking in the classroom. It’s about how you live your life. Isn’t that what all our stories are about? The one thing all noble stories have in common is the heart. Even the heart of loneliness is a passage to nobility. How do I know this? It’s one of my own stories and, I think, a necessary one for all noble stories. Loneliness is that aching place where you know you’ve got only your self to give. If you then have the courage to enter the picture, to make yourself known as no other, any story you live as yourself will be a noble story with its own spoonfuls of inspiration.

Note: Noble, in its pure sense, describes a person of high character. Its Latin root actually simply means “to be known” and is derived from the same root word as “know.” To me, the real work of being human is to bring your unique gift(s) to the world.

P.S.: I watched a bit of “America’s Got Talent” and some of the stories of struggle for contestants to share their talent with the world are quite inspiring. This is the twist of the show: it is not only about people who “have” a talent, but about the struggle and challenges of staying true to it.

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