Another Carrier

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This entry in my Letters to Future Self Series was written on June18, 2018 to be read on April 5, 2019. The bracketed insert was written independently on December 26, 2018, and tagged to be inserted into the letter also on April 5. For others in the series, click here:

I write to breathe life into a future and to use my intent to fashion a version of myself with a more profound and magical presence in life. I do not claim to divine the future. I do not generally see an actual image of me in a situation. I write to the heart of me, to the ear tuned to timeless truths, to the eyes inclined to beauty, to a mind sensing possibilities and to feet walking a soulful path.  

What if there was another version of you that lives and loves freely? What if that other sent you messages, not through the normal carrier channels, but through another carrier that you can learn to tune into? And if you did, what message would that other Self send you?

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The words in the once-now of typing appear on the screen. They are tucked into a timeless digital landscape and will re-appear in the new-now of reading. But what if there was another carrier, another message that goes with these words, a message that cannot be read with eyes or heard with ears, a message that can only known in angel tongue and soul-speak. A message that arises from the mythic landscape of my life. A message that awakens the sleeping beauty, that draws the sword from the stone, that tames the savage dragon, and that guides the seeker to the golden chalice.   

This writing is not just a playful ploy to practice word crafting and spell casting. What if I truly were weaving another life into being? What if I were speaking to another version of me that lives and loves freely? Wouldn’t I want to listen with all my heart to what this one has to teach me? This is not just a one-way path to the future. That other me also sends messages and they are beaming into me even now. All I need do is still myself enough, tune my ear to the right frequency, find that crack between the worlds, and open my heart to receive a message from one who lives and loves freely: 

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Love is not an equation to be solved, not a text editor used to correct errors, not a mortgage where someone else holds the title; Love is not gone with the one left behind or forfeited because of the promise you never fulfilled; Love withstands your punishment, endures your resentment, outlasts your abandonment, and remains loyal to you despite your denial of it; it is the before and after of your life, the ground you walk on, the air you breathe, the beat of your heart and the flow of your blood. It’s always with you and always around you. It is always ready, if you let it, to fill your emptiness. It’s the one thing you need to live and thrive. Once you tune your ear to the frequency of love, the crack between the world opens and you can step through into your dreams and live life fully and freely. 

April is such a sweet month. Days warming to offer contrast to the cool nights; the time of light lengthening to nourish prosperity and growth, the time of dark shortening to soften its embrace: it is as if the whole season urges fledglings to test wings and feet, to venture out of hiding and face a world at once entirely frightening and utterly fantastic. Let us be witness to this new life rising from the ground, adding a blush to the face of the earth, and fullness to our  hearts.  

And so it is with great delight and with deep respect that I offer myself in service to our evolution, my steps guided by the moment lived in the world I inhabit and by the embodiment of a greater self expressed in a deep and abiding “Yes!” to life.