A Toast To The Equinox

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A Toast To The Equinox is another entry in the series of Letters To My Future Self, written in June to be read on March 21, 2019. I compose the future letter in Evernote, add a reminder to read it on the designated date and then do not look at it until the time arrives. To read more Letters To My ‘Future Self, click here or the tag below.


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Writing prompt: Write a letter or poem about:

  1. the blessing of things that give you fullness,

  2. what tapers the hard edges of life

  3. what shapes your suffering into scrolls of wisdom, or

  4. what sweetens your pot of joys and adds spice to your life!

© Nick LeForce
All Rights Reserved

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March 21 will be a full moon and the first full day of Spring, the spring equinox; nothing on my calendar as of June 11, 2018.

June 13, 2018:I write this as spring 2018 comes to an end, as days grow hotter, as heat waves slither up from the tarmac, and as rivers dry and clouds disappear. I write for your eyes rising in another spring and for your heart singing an equinox. I write for the love of this life, for the time between you and I, for the days I have yet to live and you have gathered into a field for spring flowers.  I write for future memory and for the blessing of things that give me fullness: things that taper the edges of hardship; that shape suffering into scrolls that hold the look and feel of wisdom in the making; that sweeten my pot of joys and add spice to a healthy brew of my life. I write for the nourishment of the soul we share and for the journey we take on this strange and wondrous landscape. But mostly, I write to remind you of who you are and what you are made of and to ask you to look beyond the words on the screen to the heartbeat that has brought you here and the blood you have sacrificed to bring yourself to life. Let this be your equinox, looking back at how you made your life a worthy cause to celebrate. 

June 14, 2018: Meanwhile, here, in June 2018, spring comes to an end, days stretching into night. Soon day light will peak and I will cross the bridge into summer on this journey through the seasons toward you. It is not a matter of pouring more light or more wisdom into your cup. This is a time of turning outward, a time of choosing on whom I shine my light, of picking those I take with me to my harvest, and inviting those I wish to shelter with me through the winter. This is my worthy cause and I ask you to celebrate those I cherish on this adventure and those willing to walk with me on the path. 

June 15, 2018: So, conjure up a gathering of loved ones, uncork your life, and pour libations to Philotes, the Greek Goddess of good things, of affection, of friendship, and of sex. Raise a toast to the equinox and let’s dance to an equal measure of light and dark both between us and in us!