The Dream You Live

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Open your eyes to the dream you live and see what is all around you. You have already walked the ancient path, already seen the setting sun paint the skies over your life, already counted craters on the moon that could hold all your sorrow and your joy and still move through the night with grace. You have come a long way. Take the moment to celebrate the glory of being alive because life in a suitcase is too small for you and nothing will travel with you into the great beyond. So, look at what is all around you now as the soul’s worldly homeland. Pierce the veil of illusion and the Buddha with a thousand arms embraces you. With every step, you enter the house of belonging.   

I wrote this on January 5-6, 2018 as a “Letter to My Future Self” to be read on September 25, 2018. For more in this series, click here or the tag below. For these letters, I pick a future date, check my calendar for anticipated activities, write a “letter,” then set a reminder in Evernote to read it on the designated date. I do not look at the note in the interim,

Remember the body beautiful withers and we all, eventually, become damaged goods. Birthing ourselves into light is not for the faint of heart. You may lift your eyes to heaven, but your feet are on the ground because this life, this world, is the cocoon within which you grow your wings. Don’t let your pain and suffering at the indignities of the world deter you; don’t let your dream delight become an addiction to the whimsy of life. Open your eyes to the dream you live and see what is all around you.  

Question to Ponder:

What struggles and challenges do you face in birthing yourself into the light?
How might you, in this moment, celebrate the glory of being alive?

Writing Prompt:
When I open my eyes to the dream I live and see what is all around me, I notice…

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