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Excerpted from Poetry of Life, my 4th book of poetry, available on Amazon. The book is divided into four sections: Earth, Air, Fire, and Water. This is the intro to the Air section.

Earth is heavy and dense while air is light and dispersed. Earth provides our ground and represents what is below while air provides our sky and represents what is above. Air signifies the invisible essential in our lives, that which we cannot see and upon which we rely. It is the element of exchange with life through breath.

Breathing is one of the most fundamental aspects of human existence. You are constantly in an intimate exchange with the world in each breath, a give and take that is part of the great cycle of life as you take in oxygen and emit carbon dioxide. Breath animates your earthly body, inspiring you and filling you with spirit.  When breath ceases, life ceases.

Air is invisible until it is made visible by one of the other elements. With earth, it becomes haze and smog. With fire, it becomes smoke. With water, it becomes cloud and mist. Otherwise, its invisible presence is made visible through movement in the stir of leaves and sway of trees, in the drift of clouds, in the ripples and waves in water; or felt as temperature and pressure on the skin.

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Air represents what is essential in our lives that we take for granted: the hidden assumptions, beliefs, and values upon which we operate, the network of connections we rely on in the web of life, as well the life force the flows in us and through us. 

What is so fundamental to you that it is like the air you breath?