For All It's Worth

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There are times and tides and things that change and things that remain the same. There are wonders and wishes and longing for fruition and nascent things that never go to seed. There are endless to-do’s that get nothing done and momentous moments sipping from a cup. 

So, be among the wise ones who witness miracles, the world re-imagining itself in every sunrise, opening itself in every blossom, sweeping itself clean in every storm. Let the worldly ones strike while the iron is hot. Those who lay claim to another plot of earth, wishing to be royalty served by the masses, often have too much to lose to love life as it is. Beyond need, all the rest is stuffing for the turkey.  

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And there are summer days, shadows stretched long in the afternoon heat, when the dull air has nothing to say; when the cloudless sky yawns, sleepy-eyed; when the world slows its spin, lulling our spirit into dreams; when all things come to a steady-state, poised in the balance: these are the moments that cradle the soul; moments that ask nothing of us; moments best served in silent reverie, in the quiet stillness at the center of all things. 

This is your invitation to summer with breeze, whether it be in tropic dreams or in the arms of a dark queen; whether it be hypnogogic drift in a lazy lounger, or the dance of delight on the stage of your life. Whatever bothers you can take a back seat. Claim only the ground on which you now stand and then you can, with uncanny ease, take a stand in your life for all it's worth.  So, let's weave what we have into wonder and wander the world witnessing one miracle after another.

Sometimes, even in the middle of a busy day, something in the world catches my attention and shifts me back to myself. It may be the shape of a cloud, or tree leaves backlit by the sun, or a couple walking hand-in-hand, or a toddler in an awkward sprint.  If I stay with the feeling for just a few moments, something settles in me as if the world is enough in that moment. What moments cradle your soul? 

I wrote this "letter to my future self" on October 14, 2017 storing it with Evernote's reminder function to read on July 26, 2018. I have written these letters to myself for several years now. To read more in the series, click here or select the tag below.

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