The World Will Have Its Way

I look out the window at cloudy skies, recalling the downpour that woke me in the night, the rumble against the window, the waterfall rush the drain could hardly contain, the insistent knock on the dream door interrupting my slumber, all reminding me that the world will have its way with me whether I like it or not.  It's amazing how much credence we put in opinion polls, how much weight we attach to our own minds, adding up our likes and dislikes against the world. We act as if the world was made for us and should comply with our wishes rather than the other way around. 

We straddle a strange fence, a razor edge between the world and ourselves. We think we are separate entities, that we are at least the equal of the world. More often, we consider ourselves the greater partner as if all rights belong to us. It is strange that we even debate the issue of environmental protection or animal rights. We objectify the world, alienating ourselves by being alien, and then wonder why we live in a world of addiction and violence. It has been a long and winding road for me to make it to the other side, to see myself as made for the world, as part of the world, and as belonging to the world. 

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I recently developed a map of the archetypal journey that integrates my work as a poet and my work in NLP and hypnotherapy. The map includes four major areas and tasks that we humans must complete to navigate our lives. One task involves coming to terms with the greater forces of life. Whether it is "acts of God," or daily weather patterns; whether it is social and political upheaval or family disputes, we are all nested in forces beyond us and impacted by agents outside of ourselves. We are often carried along by these greater forces against our will. 

How do you relate to chance and circumstance?