The Force Is With You

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Magic is the heart of our story. We start this strange and foolish life helpless in the grip of a vast world of unknown possibility. We learn to shape our expectancies according to what is and what is not possible, what we can and cannot do, out of the love and the limits of those who rear us, absorbing their lessons as we gather our own from the school of life. One day, whether by a single blow or the slow hammer of disillusionment, we grow out of our innocence and the magic of life loses its luster.  

What blocks the flow of life in you? 
What would happen if you reclaimed your sense of magic in life?
How would you find, feel, and see, magic in everyday life?

The quote of the day from 365 inspirational quotes published by fall river press

The quote of the day from 365 inspirational quotes published by fall river press

We are expelled from the garden, stripped of our belonging, cast out of the magic kingdom to make our way in a harsh and difficult world. If we are lucky and work to clear our minds of the clutter that blocks our flow, we may remember what we lost. We may recall what gives our world its wonder and find, again, that magic that is at the heart of our story.  Out task is then is to find our way back, to claim our rightful place in the realm of wonder, and in so doing, awaken the magic that has been growing stronger in us, without our knowing it, over all the years of our exile.  

And the place to which we return is not a place called childhood. It is not the street of your dreams. It is not winning the cup or gaining  the accolades of the world. It is not even the love of others showered on you. It is the life force flowing through you, without constraint or hindrance, channeled in the moment by the banks of a riverbed you co-create with the greater forces of the universe. Then, it may be said, that you truly are a Jedi and the force is with you.