A friend recently described a run of negative incidents all in the same day. She talked about a work project that imploded, that she got news of three years misfiled taxes by an incompetent tax preparer resulting in huge debt, and that a close relative died. Despite it all, she was clinging to hope that all would work out well, even though she did not know how at the moment.

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In a universe of unknown possibilities, there is always hope, a flickering flame, that burns despite the lack of air, defying the laws of physics, and in that tiny flame, the ice melts from the heart, dreams run free, and we lean into life believing, without cause and with all the evidence to the contrary, that the good will prevail. It is this delusion that fuels our fortitude and gives us the courage to go on when all seems lost. And if there is one law we can count on, it is that impermanence rules the day and there is a world of comfort in the simple phrase:  “this too shall pass.” 

When has hope shepherded you through a difficult time?

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