Wording The World Webinar

This being human is an amazing and magical event. We really have no idea where we came from and most of us have few, if any, memories of our infancy and early childhood. And yet, a vast amount of learning happens during this period, including the basic skills of walking and talking. These skills serve as the foundation for how we move through the world and what we make of it. We form ideas about life, about ourselves, and about others and we assume or develop beliefs about what is possible, what is permissible, and what is appropriate in life and for us. This set of ideas serves as our description or the “map” that we use to navigate through life.

What Is "Wording The World?"

The ability to use your language to “word the world” in ways that allow you and others to navigate life effectively. The ability to engage in a genuine dialogue with life, to create worthy encounters with others, and to bring you to life and life to you. The good news is that we can learn to use this magic power in ways that lift up and empower rather than ways that put down or disempower. I call this skill “Wording The World."

Wording The World Webinar
April 4, 2017 @ 7:00 PM PST
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One of the most powerful ways we reinforce our map and strengthen our description of life is through words. Words are more than mere sounds and serve as more than a method of communication. Words also create our reality by framing, and by giving meaning, to our experience. Words provide the context for making sense of life. The Latin roots for the word “context” actually mean the “weaving together of words.” Words are like a magic wand that we use, and abuse, everyday to cast a spell over ourselves and others.