What Did I Sign Up For?

Have you ever wondered what you signed up for when you came into this life?
Well, perhaps you read this notice on the Bulletin Board in Heaven: 

Calling Eager Angels

Book A Life!

Take a break from forever. Take a holiday on earth!
Discover the power of embodiment!

Feel pain, sorrow, joy, love, and lust!
Know what it is like to be alive!

It's less than the blink of an eye in the archives of eternity, but you will live an eternity of experience and return with insights and sentiments that widen your wings and brighten your halo, that renew your devotion to serve, that deepen your compassion for all life forms, and that elevate the lowest to the highest, making us all equals in the realm of love.

What greater service could you offer than to become human?

Sign up today!

And For The Most Adventurous Souls:

Defy the Bell Curve!
Be Special!
Get Your Ticket For
"Wild Rides and Abnormal Lives" 

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© Nick LeForce