Devilish Delight

I do not know when you stopped
leaving your life up to Chance
or when you took the helm
and began steering the ship
toward your dreams. 

I look at you: solid, powerful, 
yet still enigmatic, and
I am proud of your stance. 

I sought my solace in acceptance. 
I mastered the art of waiting
for the world to take me, 
wanting the world to love me, 
and wishing the world would support me. 

I locked myself in the castle keep
where arrows could not reach, 
taking the lofty view
and shouting my love to the world. 

I carved the days on the wall, 
counting on a savior, 
casting my eyes to the freedom
I had built those walls against. 

I saw you there, in the midst of it all, 
living on the earth, 
scrappy, scarred, and playful, 
heartfelt and happy to be alive. 

You taunted me at the bridge, 
lowering it all but the last few feet, 
and challenged me to take the leap. 

You teased me at the moat, 
“come on in, the water’s fine.” 

You laughed at my reticence, 
using my hesitation against me
by quietly building a ladder up the side, 
because you knew I would not
hang my head over the edge. 

You organized the team for the final strike, 
orchestrating the change while I slept
so that I would awaken in a new world. 

Now you read this with smiling eyes, 
and knowing heart, because you still
have something up your sleeve. 

You have another surprise in store. 
And this one is really good. 

I see you rubbing your hands
in joyful anticipation, 
uttering your proclamation
with devilish delight, 
“It’s going to be great!”  

This piece is a "letter to future self" written in July 2016 to be read on February 10, 2017. For more posts in this series, click the tag below.

Most of us think we are shaping our future. Could it be the other way around? What if a future you, an elevated and expanded version of your "self," was subtly shaping your present? The power of the future self can override your past programming if you allow it.

How do you see your future self?

In what way is your future self taunting you, teasing you out, and orchestrating your next evolutionary step?

Are you truly ready to wake up in a new world?

© Nick LeForce
All Rights Reserved

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