Break The Mold

Adapted from my daily intent entry for August 6, 2016:

Borders form in the world in which we operate, casting our Selves into a mold, and perpetuating an illusion of identity, a sense of Self that limits the scope of possibilities and defines a rigid presence in the world. But some days stretch beyond the horizon, invite adventures yet to be experienced, invoke a curiosity about what lies over the bend and out of sight. Events outside the common calendar of days and familiar routines offer a bridge to a beyond where new ways of being can be tried and sometimes required.

I see the limits I impose on myself, the canal I have created to channel the flood waters of my life force, diverting it to a manageable end. I see the rules I so often impose on my expression, how I put the brakes on my passion, how I hide behind the curtain of my inadequacy, and how I keep myself in line. But once I step outside the corral, all is freely forgiven, old ways are easily discarded, and I am in a new body with skip-happy feet and swing-dance arms, walking the yellow-brick road, shoes tapping out a tune for the home I inhabit in myself.

Today, I break the mold with original illusions. I live a fresh presence. I grant myself creative ways of being and seeing. I serve my leading-edge with novel expression. I delight in self-surprise, taking pleasure in the life force that lives ahead of me, that does not need answers to unasked questions or titles bestowed by those in power. Today I quell the censors! I write wild, alive in the moment. Today, I thumb my nose at loss and gain and take the reigns to all things possible.

Think of a time when you "broke the mold" and allowed yourself new expression in the world. How did you do it? What did it make possible that may not have been possible before?

I start almost every day with my practice of writing my intention for the day, which is like a note to myself to be read at the end of the day.  Click the Daily Intent tag below to see other posts from this practice.

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What limits do you impose on yourself?
How do they serve you?
When do they stifle your life force?

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