The Path You Are Meant To Walk

I often start my day with a “poetry” walk. I venture out with camera in hand and phone in pocket, walking with eyes open to beauty, ears listening to life, and all my senses scanning the world for lines of poetry. Today, I discovered the Alan Chadwick garden on the campus grounds of UC Santa Cruz on my morning “poetry” walk. A layer of mist graced the gates that opened to this little plot of paradise inspiring my reverence and beckoning entry. I felt a familiar wavering trepidation as my desire to walk in boldly met my deep rooted respect for “private property,” symbolized by the closed gate. But signs of welcome eased me on and I stepped in taking a moment to settle into my body, to let my feet feel the give of soil compared to the concrete walkways I left behind, to smell the pungent earth with hints of sweet and spice, and to ponder my intent before making my way through the vine arched canopy that served as the birth canal for entry into another world.

I love a place that offers a magic portal, that hints at pending delights, and that restores my childlike wonder in the world. This passage did not disappoint. The path to which it lead was clearly posted. A white board planted on the side was emblazoned with an arrow pointing toward a narrow path that led up the slope and disappeared into the fog. I stood in silent reverie receiving this confirmation from life that I am on the path meant for me because there, written on the board just above the arrow pointing the way, was the word: “Poetry.”

© Nick LeForce
All Rights Reserved

One of the most powerful example of magic in the world occurs when the literal and the symbolic synchronize melding the inner and the outer into a coherent whole. These moments often inspire wonder and invite a sense of being guided, as if we are in the hands of providence.

When have outer signs from the world matched or supported your inner journey in life?