A Spirit Embodied

My morning routine includes writing time and the practice of "setting intent" for the day by writing a journal entry to myself for the end of the day. This is my daily intent written on Wednesday, May 26, 2016, on the third day of a hypnotherapy class in Changsha, China: 

I come to the end of another day, returning to my room at the Country Garden Phoenix Hotel here in Changsha, to the complex of meanings and emotions that make up my world, and the tools I use to track my life. I follow my practice of writing and reading my daily intent and I find these words on the screen. They are a reminder to me that I span time, that I go beyond the moment, that I am more than a point in space and time. 

I notice the moments from the day gathering within me: the twinkle in their eyes, the hug of hearts held close, the eager eyes and tilted ears as students find their hearts in each other…and I feel all this shaping into a sense of myself as a spirit embodied. I am awestruck, saturated in a joy I cannot fathom, feeling grateful for the people who open their hearts to me, who bring their dignity to life before me. I may be a crippled spirit, a wingless angel, but I am blessed beyond measure to be a part of an inexplicable and ever-present love flowing bountifully and beautifully into life.

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