Centering Our Lives

With a little patience, the world will come to us. The world we receive, however, may be very different than the world we desire or expect.  Until we realize that we are in collaboration with life, and not in charge of life, we will manifest mixed results. Until we realize there's more to us than our conscious mind, and that we have access to a greater self, we will travel a lonely road.

Our concerns, our needs and desires, and our goals and dreams, may be the subject of our focus and attention, but life does not revolve around us. The Earth may be our home, but the earth itself is not the center of our solar system. Our sun, which is the center of our solar system, itself revolves around a greater focal point, in the Milky Way. The same applies to our conscious self, which is nested in a larger Self, which itself is part of life.

The path to wholeness requires centering our life on the center of our life, which is not in our conscious mind, not in the conscious thoughts or desires, not in our conscious dreams or goals, nor in our conscious concerns or worries. All of this is fluff and illusion, distracting us from the deeper well of wisdom from which we drink daily.

© Nick LeForce
All Rights Reserved.

What is your life centered on? How do you know when you are truly centered in your life?

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