Night Whispering

No life is complete without a few “dark nights of the soul,” which is no less than a genuine confrontation with yourself and with life. In the night, you face your own demons and find your own grace. The night harbors lost souls, hides secret lovers, and heals wounded hearts. The night is the shadow made complete, granting permission for both what is base and what is beautiful in you. It is the nesting ground for a future hatching and the place of maturation for what is too fragile for the light. It is the hiding place of your deepest shame and the home of your highest ambition.

The night whispers secrets the day cannot bear or will not allow.  It is easier to ignore the whispers in the day because your attention is taken by the world and you can always drown them in your to-do list or turn away into some trivial distraction. The whispers in the night are often too haunting or too hallowed to be ignored. Night whispers live on the edge of the unknown and they crack open the shell of the shallow life. They invite you to engage a genuine dialogue with the greater forces in yourself and the world.

Listening to the whispers of the night means that you embrace the hidden life in yourself and others, you honor the beauty in the dark side of things, you give a space for the outcasts and rebels in the world that also live in you, and you welcome what is rejected and suppressed as part of a greater mystery. This acceptance gives rise to the most extraordinary gift of the night: the love that has no bounds.


This passage serves as the introduction to Night Whisperings, one of four sections in my third book of poetry, Divine Whispering. The book is available on

Divine Whispering
By Nick LeForce

Have you wrestled with the demons of worry and fear that visit in the night? How do you respond to those times of deep self-doubt, when question your purpose or even your existence, or come face-to-face with your "flaws" and your "failures"?

What if these times, painful as they may be,
serve to unravel the meaning
that no longer supports you
and to open doorways
to a deeper life?

Photo, Prose, and Recital © NIck LeForce
All Rights Reserved

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