Be The One

This note is one in a series of "letters to my future self." I composed it on January 3, 2016, to be read on April 15, 2016.

You know April. It is the month for spring blossoms, the season for expanding days and sprouting life. You know all seasons live in you: they are carried in your genes, they live in your bones and have been with you since the first humans walked this planet, wordless in their neolithic sense of the future, but wildly alive with the first inklings of a life that could span the years and spark generations of creativity.

Year after year, April comes like a new love, like a promise to be fulfilled, like a doorway that opens to all possibilities. You stand at this entryway, looking toward a future that holds all things possible for you. Look at your life, look at what you sow and what you reap. You know this moment is only the remnant of you. You are already going beyond what you have been.

Before you rush ahead, claim this as your moment, the only one you have in the only life you live. I place my faith in you, in the future that you live and that you’re creating. I set this intent for myself: I will stand by you. I will be the one who delivers, the one who has given my life for you. I ask this of you: Don’t let shallow fears rule the day.

Reach for what your heart knows is yours, what you dare not let yourself dream only because you have been fixed in your mind. Open the door, step into the truth of your being: you are love; you are the promise; you are the living prayer.  Take what I have given and make it grand, breathe your life into it, bring your best to this one precious life and give your all to it. Be the season of expanding days, of sprouting life, of living your life as a prayer and then, go for it. 

I've been writing letters to my future self for almost 2 years now and have them collected in a document. Here's how it works: I pick a date in the future (usually the beginning or middle of a future month, but I may also pick holidays or scheduled dates on my calendar) and I write a letter to myself to be read on that date. I use the evernote reminder system to send me an alert on the selected date to read the letter. I make it a point not to read the letter in the interim. This has yielded some surprising and sometimes uncanny results.

My letters document, which includes only the letters that have been "opened" and read is now 100 pages in length.   Plus, I have letters set with reminders to read almost every two weeks through December with some for years ahead as well! Some of these letters have and will turn into blog posts. You can click the tag Letters To Future Self below to follow these posts.

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