The Well Of Six Wishes

The Well of Six Wishes is an excerpt from A Game With Time, which is the second book in the Game With Death series.

“Let me tell you the story of the ‘Well of Six Wishes.’ I think it will help you understand.”

The story goes that there were six maidens who came to the well. Each made a secret wish and tossed a coin into the well. But the sixth’s maiden’s coin bounced out of the well back to her. The others laughed at her ill-fate and chided her as unworthy of good fortune.

Game With Death is an unpublished trilogy of short stories that I wrote about activating archetypes in our lives.

The first in the series, A Game With Death, is about facing Death and integrating the Shadow; the second, A Game With Time, is about befriending Time and retrieving the Soul; and the third, A Game With Life, is about embracing Life and living from the Heart.

The first maiden wished for a wealthy husband who would give her whatever she wanted. The well accepted her coin and her wish was granted. She met and married a wealthy husband, who spared no expense for her and lavished things upon her. But he was unfaithful to her and she was no more than a kept woman. She was miserable and cursed her husband though she could never give up her lifestyle.

The second wished for a husband who loved her above all else. The well accepted her coin and she got what she wished for.  She found her husband, who truly loved only her and nothing else. He could not bear to leave her sight, doted on her every word, and threw fits of jealous rage whenever she talked with others. She was miserable but afraid to leave him. The third maiden wished for a husband who was strong and powerful. She got what she wanted, but her husband was rough, doltish, and abusive and she, too, was miserable.

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Our words have power and magic beyond our imagination, but only if we know how to use them well. Wishes are often worded in ways that do not work or even bring the opposite of what we truly want. Learn to use words well and you wield a magic wand that truly can manifest amazing results in life!

The fourth wished for a husband who would take care of her and treat her with respect. She, too, got what she wished for:  a kind and courteous husband who always took good care of her. But he felt no passion for her nor she for him and this became unbearable to her. The fifth wished for a husband who was fun and adventurous. Her wish was fulfilled, but her husband turned out to be wild, unpredictable, and a drunkard.

The sixth wished for a husband worthy of her love and care and to whom she could give herself fully. The coin bounced out of the well and back to her. She got what she wished for, too, and was the only one of the six who lived a happy life. All the other maidens blamed their ill-fortune on the well and told her how lucky she was that the well refused her coin.

She pauses and I insert, “So, I guess the moral is to be careful what you wish for?”

“No, the moral is in the coins at the bottom of the well.” Ghost explains that each coin held the deepest wish of its owner. The first five maidens gave their soul in exchange for something from the world. They paid for their wishes with their soul. The sixth paid for her wish with her effort. “The coin was an expression of her commitment. The well refused her coin because it did not need to grant her wish, she granted it to herself. ”

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