A Conspiracy For Greatness

I coincidentally composed At Sundown and Day’s End on Earth Day in 2014 . I was traveling abroad at the time and only learned of the holiday when a student in class mentioned the theme of conserving energy by avoiding use of powered things. The poem opens with the line, “Don’t use any power.” Perhaps I had caught some news of it unconsciously because the timing was uncanny. To me, the poem was an ode to end the day well by putting life in perspective.

At Sun Down and Day’s End

Don't use any power. 

Let the fading light of the sun
gradually cover you
in a blanket of darkness. 

Notice how the storms of your life
bring the most glorious sunsets
and you will realize all the forces  
that you thought were fighting against you
were actually conspiring for greatness.

Then dive deep into the moments of your day
to find the lost treasures that sank in the wreckage; 

bring at least one precious instance
back with you to take into your dreams.

Set all your worries aside
like dirty clothes in the hamper
to be turned over for cleaning. 

They will come back to you
fresh and pressed in the morning
ready for another day of wear. 

If needed, you can use them again
to protect you against the raw edge of life
and to decorate your tomorrows. 

Nestle into your own warmth
and call all that you love home to you;

speak your heart to those you cherish,
those both present and absent; 

and let them be complete in you
as you complete yourself in them. 

And then go to where only you can go,
the place of your beginning and ending,
and lay down your life as an offering
to the angels of Mercy and Fulfillment,
who wait for you with arms open
every night at sun down and day’s end.

© 2012-2016 Nick LeForce


At Sundown and Days End is an excerpt from my third book of poetry, Divine Whispering, available through Amazon.

Divine Whispering
By Nick LeForce