Love Is Undeniable

Excerpt from the Acknowledgements in A Season of Longing:

The deepest bow goes to the Beloved, a spiritual and palpable presence to me, who constantly holds the door to love open, coyly winking from the other side, taunting me to step through, and then holding me in a gaze that penetrates to my core and leaves me with no doubt about the truth of love in mylife.

I feel keenly aware that our spirits share something beyond the world and see what cannot be named. There is a sacred meeting ground where souls gather and the secrets that turn this universe are as natural and unique as a stunning golden sunset. We are guardian angels for each other. I strive to make myself worthy, to be the one who holds the space where love mends all wounds and where the perfection of presence is celebrated.  

We all know, in the forgotten region of our heart, that we are not alone. But we sometimes need a witness, one who sees through the veil, and stands for a truth this world so often ignores. Love is undeniable. 

I Bow To You

Your arrival erased lonely days, 
painted the memory of loss into a canvas of love,   
ripped the dusty curtains from the windows, 
flooded my abandoned rooms with life, 
and filled my empty pantry
with nourishment for the soul. 

I bow to you.

Picture taken Near Sacramento River in South Natomas.

Picture taken Near Sacramento River in South Natomas.

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