The Poetry Of Life

On many occasions, over the years, when people inquire what I want in life, I have often said "to live the poetry of life." However, I was always at a loss for words to share what that phrase really means. The answer came clear to me when I learned the root meaning of the word, “Context." The word "context" derives from the middle English con + texere, which means "the weaving together of words.”  Living the poetry of life means that I use poetry to weave words together that set a context for my life within which I find meaning, joy, beauty, and wisdom. I use poetry to turn my moments, my experiences, and my life into a work of art. 

I call this process “wording the world.” You don’t have to be a poet to word your world in ways that bring out your best and help you to live beautifully. But you do have to elevate your awareness of the way you use language, accept responsibility for how you use it, and develop a practice to transform your language to reflect the truth of your life and the best of your life.  Fortunately, this is a learnable skill.

Listen while you read: