What Inspires You?

Bird peeking out of the nest, where new life forms.

Inspiration may come in coffee shops, on airplane seats, or walking lost within a world of your own creation. It may come unexpected—innocent words spoken in everyday conversation, or signs juxtaposed on street corners, or a memory passing before your eyes. It may come slowly fermenting for weeks or months or years in oak barrels buried in cool caves. It may come so quiet and gentle you do not know it has arrived passing through you unnoticed because it does not come to the eyes or the ears or the head. It is already there cocooned within you sprouting wings for future flight. Celebrate it’s presence as if it has already arrived; as if it has come home from a long journey bearing exotic gifts and telling strange tales; as if it is the wise one come to calm your confusion; as if it is the lost lover come to mend your broken heart.