Are You "The One?"

In the movie, The Matrix, the main character, Neo, is given an audience with the Oracle, the seer who reads the future, to find if he is “The One.” She let’s him reveal his doubt, and later apologizes to him, implying that he is right to doubt, adding, “You’ve got the gift, but it looks like you are waiting for something.” In her enigmatic way, the oracle captures a deep truth of our lives. We each have “the gift.” We each have the potential to be “the one.” But most of us are either unawakened, oblivious to ourselves, and we do not know it or we are waiting for something.  

Beholding is an act of awakening. We are shaken out of our slumber and stunned into awareness by beauty. We enter into a genuine relationship with something beyond ourselves. In the moment of “falling,” of letting go and being swept up, we have a chance to go beyond lover and beloved, a chance to find our true “gift,” which is to be love. These moments pass quickly and often painfully unless we have a way of sustaining them and the stamina to do so. This is the domain of unrequited love, of learning to water the tree of life without drowning it out or cutting it down. 

Then, it is a matter of waiting while we tend the fertile soil of the Self to become the worthy one and realize who we truly are. In the heart of the universe and the eyes of the divine, we are “the one.” Earlier in the conversation, the oracle addressed Neo’s doubt by saying, “Being ‘the one' is just like being in love. No one can tell you, ‘You are in love.' You just know it.” 

Excerpt from A Season of Longing, my third annual e-book of love poems. Grab your copy while it is still on sale:

Nick LeForce writes with his blood. His passionate, authentic search for the Real courses through every line and leaves its mark in the heart of the reader. His poetry illumines “the newness of things already known,” and never more so than when he speaks of love - the love of God, the love of another, the love that marries heaven and earth. Read his work and you will see the world with fresh eyes.
— Roger Housden, author of the 10 Poems to Change Your Life series.