Falling? in Love

It has always seemed strange to describe the moment of awakening to the beloved as “falling” in love. Falling implies a kind of losing control, which certainly applies, but also evokes an image of crashing to the ground and this is not right. To me, the feeling is the astonished delight of being swept up in a great force, a kind of teetering on the edge, both falling and being held, and floating weightless in the hands of something divine.

The moment can come anytime in the simple act of turning a cup or taking a walk. Friends may become lovers in the brush of arms or the glance of eyes. Or one may hover, drenched in desire, swept up in a river of stars, while the beloved remains oblivious just a half-meter away. 

If we can be love in the moment of falling and being held, we become players in the great dance of life. To be love means that we rise above the need to love or be loved. We become both the lover and the beloved. We are at once both wave and shore shaping each other and being shaped by each other.  We ride the distilled essence of desire as a force of nature that is forever flowing out from the heart of creation and reaching beyond.

What is it like for you when you "fall" in love? I'd love to hear your comments below!

Excerpted from Season of Longing, my 2016 Valentine's Day E-book, the third volume in my Cupid Series. For more info, click here: