Photo  ©  2016 Nick LeForce: the Full Moon on Jan 25, 2016 in Oroville, ca

Photo © 2016 Nick LeForce: the Full Moon on Jan 25, 2016 in Oroville, ca

Behold! It's a beautiful word. One of the most powerful human experiences is the simple act of beholding. To behold is to see with the eyes of the heart embracing, or holding, what is perceived.  This way of perceiving involves a soulful engagement with life, placing us in relationship with something remarkable, something that evokes reverence in us restoring our wonder in the world. Being awed by beauty or touched by life is a profoundly human experience. It can be powerfully transforming, both for the beholder and the beholden, because the beholder adores what is beheld just as it is.   

Adoration is the key. Beauty has always been my muse. I often go out in the world hungering for beauty, falling in love with the setting sun, with the curve of a woman’s hand, with the feel of shared footsteps on an afternoon walk, or with a shaft of morning light caressing a peaceful, sleeping face. Whether or not you believe in love at first sight, to behold another is akin to falling in love and to be beheld by another is to be cherished. We all long to be seen in this way, to be held precious in the eyes of another. 

Excerpted from Season of Longing, my 2016 Valentine's Day E-book, the third volume  in my Cupid Series. For more info, click here: