Colors Of The Fall

I love the changing colors of leaves in the fall. Few places rival the stunning multicolored hillsides that adorn the Berkshire mountains in New England during the fall. I remember driving the winding, country  roads with Mary, newly in love, our hearts cracked open to each other, holding hands and filled with delight as we gawked at the magnificent scenery. We laughed at the little roadside warning signs declaring the area as “Thickly Settled,” although houses seemed widely separated and often tucked away from the roadside accessible by a narrow driveway. I can still see one tree-lined passage, clear as day, branches arched into a colored canopy overhead, and the ground littered with fallen leaves in a mosaic of green, yellow, orange, pink, and red, and then we rounded a bend into open view of flanked hillsides painted in glorious colors. It felt like a living dream.

California has its version of the fall: less dramatic, more subtle, fewer colors, but still stunning. The tree outside my balcony has been changing colors, now mostly bright red. I often sit on the balcony sipping coffee in the cooling morning air and commune with the leaves, which sometimes chatter softly in the breeze. I am not sure exactly what kind of tree it is (some form of maple?), my stunted internet search yielded confusion as to type. I am a lazy researcher. Perhaps the poet in me prefers the nameless experience.  I’ve been tracking the color change by taking pictures of my balcony mate each day I am here. This series covers a three week time span, with some gaps for travel. My heart swoons for beauty!

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Each season has its charms. I love the changing seasons, the spring and the fall, and have always felt a kind of kinship with the fall in particular. I shall never forget that first fall in New England, deeply in love and completely enchanted!

What is your favorite memory of the fall season?