Walking In Both Worlds

The moon hides its shy face in the shadowed sky revealing a heaven littered with diamonds and the dreams of angels who swim unseen through our lives. We have lit our evenings, turning our eyes back into ourselves, and away from the darkened world that shares the secrets of the heart and tells of our place in the scheme of things. But you and I are among the moon lovers, the artists of the heart, who walk in both worlds, one foot on the manicured grounds of the lit kingdom and the other foot spirit gliding in the shadowlands of the soul.

This is the time of our harvest, when spirits gather, when the crack between the worlds opens on hallowed ground and we see through the veil that separates us from ourselves. This is the time we can wear the strange masks that set us free, turning our tricks into treats, and when we can knock on the doors of strangers with hands out to receive.

Here we live out a question that can only be answered in starts and stops, and the sway and pace of our gait, as we traverse the landscape of our lives adorned in colored costumes. Here we take the steps to weave our worlds into one, to be spirit embodied, and to bring the wild in us back into our lives. Here we walk with angels swimming around us, who litter our lives with diamonds, because we are the answer to their prayers.

This is an entry in my series of "Letters To Future Self." I pick a date, usually around 6 months in the future, check my calendar to see what is scheduled, and then write a letter storing it in the reminder system on Evernote to be read on the selected date. I do not look at the letter again until the "arrival" date. To read other Letters To Future Self, click the tag below.

Hong Kong Skyline from harbor view room at the Salisbury Y.

Hong Kong Skyline from harbor view room at the Salisbury Y.

Imagine your life was granted to you to fulfill the prayers of angels. How you live your life is your answer to that prayer. How well are you answering?

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I was in Hong Kong for Halloween Night and watched the light show from my harbor view hotel room at the Salisbury Y. Not meant for Halloween, the colored laser lights scan the sky and 40 + cross harbor skyscrapers run changing sets of patterned lights each night over Hong Kong Harbor. The display is known as the "Symphony of Lights." It's worth watching, although best from a room with a harbor view, given the crowds at the docks.