Reflections in a shop window in downtown Chico, California.

Reflections in a shop window in downtown Chico, California.

You call Trust a vagabond. 
You think she is homeless, 
but she has a home everywhere. 

She is a great travel companion 
if you can bear to follow her.  

Eventually, she will wander into 
a new learning that completely 
unsettles you and you will 
lose something precious. 

If you blame her, 
it is a parting of ways.  

I have a strange mix of deep trust in life and general skepticism. I am overly trusting with business and rarely create contracts that specify what each party will do, trusting instead, that we will work together with positive intention keeping the best interests of the other party in mind. I have been burned a few times by this approach. Still, I keep trust as a travel companion and this poem explains why.

But, if you cry together, 
you will feel, in your 
shared lament, the sadness 
that makes love possible 
and the eyes in the mirror 
will look back at you
with eternal gratitude. 

You will no longer 
call her a vagabond. 
You will say she is 
the troubadour 
in your heart 
that has a song 
for every occasion.

Questions To Ponder:

What is your relationship, in general, to trust? Do you consider yourself a trusting person or not? What makes you think so? What signs or signals permit you to trust? What signs or signals warn against trust?

Please share your thoughts and comments below.

Note: I start my day with a “Daily Intent” writing session. Originally, it was a time in which I set my intent for the day, but it has evolved into free writing. I usually do not have a topic in mind and simply begin with a line of description about the world in the moment or with a line or phrase that “comes to me.”

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