The Road Before You

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There is great power
in planning your life
and great disappointment
expecting it to go as planned.

The road before you
has its own destination
and does not need your arrival
in order to be complete.

The map you use to guide you
does not care
which road you choose
or what detour you take.

Previously published in The Poetry of Life, available as an ebook here:

All roads are offered to you.
Every step you take
is a step deeper
into your own life.

Roads, paths, and trails offer powerful metaphors for our lives. We travel along, sometimes with clarity about where we are and where we want to go, but more often following a path because we are on it and not because we choose it. Life, unlike roads or paths, branches out in all directions from the present, even though we may only see the path we are on because our own blinders limit possibilities and the current path comes to represent the whole of our reality.  Without realizing it, we form a horizon in our mind, an inevitable destination, and our unconscious dutifully takes us where we believe we belong. The real work is learning to take each step, no matter what road we are on or what path we choose, as a step deeper into our lives. That's when we discover a wild variety of branches that reach out into untold possibilities.

Writing prompt: The road (path) of my life is...

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