Never Give Up

Salmon leaping copy.jpg

I refuse to join the masses
who live a hard labor life
rather than be an easy target
and who tunnel out of the prison
of mediocrity with a spoon
rather than stand naked in the light.

I have had enough of darkened eyes, 
stalking the light on moonless nights
when the clouds hide my destiny; 

What keeps you going when you have had enough, when you feel the struggle is too much, or you feel like your effort is in vain?

© Nick LeForce
All Rights Reserved

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enough of the rudderless life
drifting in the wind hoping I might, 
one day, hear the voice of God; 

enough mining glory
from the trivia of my days
and seeking answers
in a book of dog-eared pages
to questions I’ve long forgotten. 

But I won’t be shedding tears 

because I will never give up
on the power of an acorn
to produce an oak
or the drive of the salmon
leaping against the odds
to return to its source.